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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

[Review] ReAwakened (Angel Creek, #2) by Ada Adams

Title: ReAwakened
Series: Angel Creek, #2
Author: Ada Adams
Pages: # (Kindle edition)
Release Date: November 27, 2012
I received an eARC from the author.

Becoming a vampire guardian was Dawn Fairchild’s ticket out of the Scarlet House. Fresh off a successful mission, life in Angel Creek should have been great. But when her sort-of-maybe-boyfriend, Sebastian, disappears on a quest to help a beautiful vampire from his past, Dawn finds herself amidst a web of danger, lies, and deceit.

Joining forces with Razor, an enigmatic rebel lacking both a verbal and a physical filter, and her band of Misfits—Brooke, Sophie, Hunter, and Seth—Dawn is thrust into a race against the clock to solve the mystery surrounding brutal Born kidnappings and come to terms with the sudden discovery of her own unique powers. With time ticking away and Born vampires’ lives in jeopardy, it quickly becomes evident that someone—or something—desperately wants Dawn and is willing to shed any amount of blood to get her.

Dawn has only one chance to face her demons and overcome all obstacles standing in her way as she embarks on the biggest mission of her life—one that threatens a deadly outcome for all involved.

Picking up two weeks after the conclusion of ReVamped, ReAwakened begins with the Misfits being officially named the guardians of Angel Creek. During the celebration, Sebastian appears with news of Born vampires being kidnapped from nearby areas and warns Dawn to stay safe. Of course, being the determined and caring individual that she is, Dawn wants to help bring back the missing vampires, even at the price of her own safety.

I loved being back in Angel Creek with all of the Misfits. We definitely get to see more of their personalities, and they each became even more distinct and loveable this time around. The author does a great job of developing their unique personalities without them becoming caricatures. We get to know Brooke and Hunter more than the others though. They're no longer just the bubbly cheerleader and the ex-junkie. I really enjoyed the peak into their pasts, even if they're not exactly pleasant. There's also someone new in town, Razor, and I adore him already! He's hilarious, but knows when to be serious. If Sebastian wasn't in the picture, I'd want Dawn to go for him! He's an excellent addition to the Angel Creek cast.

The author has seriously raised the stakes in this one! Not only are vampires disappearing, but someone from the past is trying to make a reappearance. Dawn doesn't know what to do about about these moments when Aurora makes an appearance. It seems to happen when she's with Sebastian. Those two have some intense unresolved sexual tension, and Aurora keeps ruining the moment. Dawn thinks she might be going crazy, but what's really going on there. Well, you'll just have to read and find out, because it's a doozy! I was like, "OMG! No way!" Then furiously flew through the rest of the book!

In addition to new characters and more romance,there's also non-stop action! It seems like Dawn and the Misfits can't go anywhere without facing an ambush. And there's more gore, which I was surprised at. One scene near the end was highly disturbing. Compared to the first book, everything in ReAwakened is just MORE! That ending...OMG...WTF...I cried. Where's the next book?!

Favorite Quotes

"How am I supposed to talk about books if no one is willing to listen?" she questioned.
Seth brightened. "You could start a book blog and gain a voice that way. I've seen a lot of great sites pop up around the web lately." (20% eARC)

"Look, is complicated and impractical and unplanned. You never know when you're going to lose someone you care about because of some stupid, unpredictable thing, or if you're going to go to work one day, only to have your dead brother rip out your throat." He took a swig of the bubbly. "One day, you just wake up dying, or worse, have someone die in your arms, and realize that you've been so focused on the future that you never actually lived in the present. By that point, it's too late. So I say, sometimes you just need to stick it to reality and actually live!" (38% eARC)

"Love isn't supposed to be complicated, Dawn. If it is, then you're doing it wrong." (46% eARC)

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  1. I'm reading RA right now and just met Razor. Love him off the bat. Oh, those York Brothers - double trouble. Yes, please.

    I'm in love with the Misfits. Off to read more!

    1. Oh, yay! I think it's impossible to NOT love Razor! He's great. :D

  2. I finished this book yesterday, and I loved it as well! I agree about how awesome it was getting to know Brooke and Hunter more! And i love Razor as well! Lovely review, and btw, i LOVE your blog! NEW FOLLOWER!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf


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