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About Me

The Basics

My name is Angie. I'm a 23 year old Californian and recent college graduate. I obviously like to read, which is why I'm here. My favorite color is apple green, despite what my layout and blog name have lead you to believe. Pinkindle is the name of my Kindle. I got into the habit of naming my electronics "pink.." after getting my first iPod which actually was pink, and fittingly named Pinky. I'm now on Pinky 4.0. Pinkindle is not pink; she's black with an apple green case. Anyway....I'm a dog person. Not only am I allergic to cats, but I think they're evil. I may be a little bit obsessed with my own doggie, but she's too cute! I also have three Russian tortoises, who are very strange creatures. Um, I think that covers the basics.

My Reading History 

I was addicted to reading from a very young age. I started out reading those Little Golden Book Classics, such as The Pokey Little Puppy, and various Bible storybooks (I went to a Christian school). Then I moved on to Goosebumps. I'm pretty sure I read almost all of them, and I'd have my mom read those to me before bed. She had to take me to a bookstore almost every weekend, because I read so much. Then one day while browsing the Goosebumps shelf at Annie's Book Stop, the owner introduced me to another R.L. Stine series, Fear Street. I devoured those too. Then high school started and I only read what was required and the occasional book for "outside reading." And then...Twilight happened! Yes, I said it.TWILIGHT! I saw the movie, and then I had to have the books, which I got for Christmas. It did take me until nearly the next Christmas to finish reading them, but I did it, and it was awesome!
No, I am not one of those Twilight-obsessed crazies. I am well aware that is not the greatest series in existence, and I'm able to make fun of it. I still like the books and the movies though. So...after that reading kind of took the backseat to college again until I was required to read Stone Butch Blues for my Gender Studies class. OMG, that book is amazing! Seriously, check it out. Then months later, I got myself Sleeping Naked is Green for Christmas, and it's easily one of my favorite books ever. I'm an Environmental Science major, btw. THEN...I stopped reading again until I joined GoodReads in July of 2011 and I haven't stopped since. And that is the entirely too long history of my love of reading.

My Favorite Books

Sleeping Naked is Green: How an Eco-Cynic Unplugged Her Fridge, Sold Her Car, and Found Love in 366 Days
The Host
Drink, Slay, Love
Daughter of Smoke and Bone
A Dog's Purpose
Blood Promise
Lola and the Boy Next Door
Succubus Blues
Stone Butch Blues
Succubus On Top
Succubus Dreams
Succubus Heat
Succubus Shadows
Succubus Revealed
My Nerdy Valentine
White Oleander


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  1. Hi Angie. Great blog! And I really love the name "Pinkindle" - very unique and lovely. ;) You have an awesome and interesting selection of favorite books here, I may have to check some of them out soon. ;)

    I'm Ara (, by the way. New Follower - GFC, Networked blogs and Linky.

    1. Hi, Ara! Thanks so much for commenting and following. :)

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  3. "Not only am I allergic to cats, but I think they're evil" this totally had me laughing in stiches:) I am a cat person myself, and you are right, they are evil! lol

  4. Surprised so many people call themselves reviewers but only review books sold by one book store Amazon, there are millions and millions of books not on amazon since they started requiring everyone to have U.S tax file numbers to sell. I don't pay tax twice for selling the book, so I only use google books like many other people, no other country asks American Authors to pay tax in their country as well, not one. So you are technically a book store reviewer.


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